Category management – We at TERP understand the marketplace by having boots on the ground, first and foremost. We make it a priority to utilize up-to-the-minute data and, with this information, TERP curates products that are relevant to the dispensary. We take a wide-angle view of the market, and make recommendations based on facts and trends.

  • Purchasing – TERP purchases product from growers or manufacturers, then coordinates logistics with suppliers to get those products to the distributor warehouse, taking into consideration the proper care needed to do so.
  • Inventory management – TERP pays close attention to the  forecasting of product supply and demand, to maintain the proper inventory levels at the warehouse. We work closely with our suppliers to assist them in managing their production output and timing, and with dispensaries on promotional forecasting and seasonal or holiday lift.
  • Order picking – TERP picks products from their inventory to fill dispensary orders, aggregating all products into one shipment. Quality control procedures take place in every step of the process.
  • Quality testingTERP sends product to a 3rd party testing lab, holds inventory in quarantine until test results are in hand, and releases product for sale only once test results are satisfactory.
  • Transportation – TERP delivers quality-tested products to licensed dispensaries, on an agreed-upon, scheduled basis.
  • Compliance – TERP is responsible for Track & Trace, and enters all pertinent information into Metrc, the California Track & Trace system’s chosen compliance vendor. We also conduct mandated tax collection from suppliers and dispensaries.
  • Sales & Marketing – Our territory sales managers are in the field working closely with retail partners: educating dispensaries about new products, promoting brands, sharing market data, conducting pre-sales training and demos on behalf of suppliers, and supporting all dispensary needs.
  • Execution – TERP takes execution very seriously, and we follow through on all of our commitments. We also hold ourselves accountable for key metrics that are important to a supplier or dispensary, such as order fulfillment rates, on time deliveries, management of returns, sales call frequency, customer service and more.
  • Focus – TERP is fully-concentrated on cannabis distribution only, giving all our attention to supporting brands and retailers in what’s best for their business. We believe having company-owned brands inherently creates a conflict of interest, so we have chosen to be a pure play cannabis distribution company. By not having company-owned competing brands, you can take comfort in knowing that every action we take is in the best interest of your brand or dispensary.